Our Artists

My obsession with art started at a young age. I remember drawing cars a lot back then and doing a lot of drawing from coloring books. He-man, Transformers, and Star Wars were some of my favorites. I guess looking back on it now, the coloring books where my guide to understanding figure drawing. I can’t get enough of it, It’s my therapy.

I’m from a small town in northwest Ohio, where I’ve lived most of my life.  I stared tattooing professionally in 2006. In August 2008 my family and I moved here to Oklahoma City to further my career. 

I’m self taught and everything I’ve learned is through observation. I’ve always been in a competition with myself to be the best and still am to this day. I don’t really have a particular style and can tattoo just about anything. I prefer to tattoo custom pieces that I have drawn and artistic freedom is a plus. It’s always nice to get clients who give you an idea and trusts you to come up with a well designed, complimentary tattoo. 

Work Schedule: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 

 JMEEEE has been tattooing since 2006. He is originally from Ohio, where he got his start in a busy collage town "street shop". He moved to Oklahoma in 2008 to work and grow with Altered Images, and has never looked back. JMEE is a well rounded artist capable of any reproduction work, but prefers to collaborate with a clients ideas to help tell a complete story while trying to create an original tattoo. His main focus is contrast and flow, and cannot stand when a tattoo does not fit the body.